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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Data Innovations

Data Innovations

In partnership with other state government agencies, GTA provides products and services that meet our customers' business needs.

GTA has statutory authority to sell data and use the proceeds to support IT management and services for the state, including security, the state portal, project management, and software licensing.

The Office of Data Innovations oversees activities related to the promotion and sale of state data. The following are the products and services currently offered:

Dealer Internet Inquiry
Corporations Data
License Match
Georgia Felon Search
Vital Records
New Subscriber

The office provides state data to approved entities through the use of above products and services. Also, the office develops new products and services. The Office of Data Innovations is committed to listening to customer requests for additional services. If you have requests for additional services, please submit it to us via e-mail at datainnovations@gta.ga.gov. Your requests will be promptly assessed for new products and services development.

Contact the Office of Data Innovations

Office of Data Innovations
47 Trinity Ave
Atlanta, GA 30334
E-mail: datainnovations@gta.ga.gov
Phone: 404-463-2300
Fax: 404-463-2390

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