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Below you will find a list of the links and applications that are publicly available on our service.
Application Decription
Child Advocate Complaints

CAC allows the general public to enter a complaint regarding the care of a child. A search function allows OCA personnel to search the complaint data base by various parameters relating to the complaint.


Dispute and Resolution Tracking Tool - web application to provide multiple users with the ability to input and query invoice tickets that are in dispute within the GETS system.

Dealer Inquiry (GRATIS)

Revenue generating application to provide lookup services for Automotive Dealers in researching VIN history. Utilizes external web services for data integration


DPHL eReports


This system allows persons authorized by the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) access for reporting and treatment purposes.
GBI Crime Statistics

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Crime Statistics presents reports to portray crime in Georgia. These reports form the database from which periodic and special reports are produced as needed.

Georgia Felony Record Search

Revenue generating application to provide lookup services for “RAP SHEET DATA” on customer provided information. Offered as a pay as you go credit card application (CYBERSOURCE) as well as a GPS account service. Utilizes external web services for data integration.

GPC and GPC Admin

The app is for Physicians Work Place: an application to match up doctors with hospital needs and vice versa  (Admin)

GTA Mainframe Project Codes (MPC)

Internal GTA application to manage the project codes required for mainframe projects to operate.

License Match

Revenue generating application that provides a service to validate drivers license data.Utilizes external web services for data integration.


Medical Examiners Board Search - Search the status of Georgia Certified Medical Practitioners (Admin)


ODS (Office of Data Sales) utilities includes the following functions for ODS staff members:

1. Track Customer Transactions (ODS Staff)
2. Produce Reports (ODS Staff)
3. Manage VMS transactions


Office of Data Sales (ODS) application framework includes the following:

1. Motor Vehicle Records - Access to Vehicle Tag and Title information via GRATIS (DOR)

2. Corporations (SOS)

    a. Bulk Corporations Data purchases
    b. Purchase Multiple Corporations Records online


Office of the State Treasurer (OTFS) Allotment Request Intranet System (ARIS) allows State Agencies to draw down allotted state funds either as cash or for controlled funds. Treasury transfers requests for controlled funds directly to the fund agency. The Revenue Collections process allows agencies to report collection of funds such as the State Income tax that must be transmitted to the treasury rather than used by the collecting agency. Utilizes external interface to provide data to DOR.


Office of Data Sales application for ordering birth and death certificates from the Georgia Department of Vital Records.

SOS Rules Waiver

Provides the ability to add, modify and search the compilation of rules and regulations of State of Georgia Agencies that have been filed with the Office of Secretary of State (Admin)

User Admin

Staff and Customer Admin tools: Access Customer DB, Produce Revenue Reports, Billing Summary Reports, Change Passwords, etc.