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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Data Sales

Dealer Internet Inquiry

In partnership with the Department of Revenue, GTA provides access to the database containing motor vehicle certificates of title and tag registration records. Licensed motor vehicle dealers in the state of Georgia holding a valid master dealer tag may retrieve motor vehicle tag and title information using this web-enabled service.

New Customers must get certified to use Dealer Internet Inquiry. Please click on the following link to get certified: Certifying for Dealer Internet Inquiry

Existing customers can perform vehicle inquiries, to be billed to your account, by signing in below using your customer information.

Each inquiry submitted after login will incur a $2.00 transaction fee, even if the VIN is not found. Before using this service, please read and understand the terms and conditions of use. You must also be certified for Dealer Internet Inquiry in order to use this service.

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  1. To perform a VIN inquiry, you must login first by entering your Department of Revenue - Motor Vehicle Division customer information and then clicking LOGIN.


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