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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Child Advocate Complaint System

Child Advocate Complaint System

1. Please list the following information about yourself.
You are considered the reporter so please enter the following information about yourself. Your name will remain confidential.

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2. Please list the name(s) of the youth(s) at risk because of this problem.
Click on the ADD YOUTH(S) button below to add each youth at risk because of this situation.
3. Whom is this complaint against?
Please click on the ADD PERSONS button below to add each person this complaint is against.
4. Others with information about this situation.
Please click on the ADD OTHERS button below to add each person with additional information.

Use the CTRL key to select more than one county.

This information is vital to ensure our office is investigating what you, the reporter, have identified as a problem within the child protection system.
Maximum 4000 characters Characters remaining:
Please select "yes" if the case is still open at the local the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) office(s) or "no" if the case is closed. OCA's jurisdiction does not apply to cases that have been closed five or more years from today's date.
Yes   No   Don't Know  

This can include itemized records, documents, tapes, or court orders, etc. If others have access to information that can be provided to OCA, please list their name(s) and the information they possess, and include them as Others with Information in Question 5. Our knowledge of any supporting documents could speed up the investigative process.
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